1 Pc Synchronous Motor 220-240volts 30rpm Auto Swing Motor 220 Volt Ac Electronic Components Electronic Hobby Kit


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  • 220-240 volts
  • Rotates at a constant speed synchronized with the AC power supply frequency
  • Maintains a steady speed of 30 revolutions per minute (rpm)
  • Speed directly linked to the AC power supply frequency
  • Known for its high efficiency
  • Provides a relatively constant torque output
  • Used in precision equipment, industrial machinery, and applications where a constant speed is required
  • Speed control may require additional mechanisms or electronics

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100 in stock

A synchronous motor rated at 220-240 volts and operating at 30 revolutions per minute (rpm) is a type of electric motor designed to run at a constant speed that is synchronized with the frequency of the alternating current (AC) power supply. Here’s a description of the key characteristics and operation of such a motor:

  • Voltage Rating: The motor is designed to operate within a voltage range of 220-240 volts. This means it can be used in regions where the standard voltage supply falls within this range.
  • Synchronous Operation: Synchronous motors are so named because they run at a constant speed, and this speed is directly tied to the frequency of the AC power supply.  The motor’s rotor rotates at exactly the same speed as the rotating magnetic field produced by the stator, which is what gives it its synchronous behavior.
  • Speed: The motor operates at a constant speed of 30 rpm. This means that for each minute, the motor’s shaft completes 30 full rotations. The synchronous speed is typically determined by the number of poles in the motor and the frequency of the AC supply.
  • Applications: Synchronous motors are commonly used in applications where precise speed control and synchronization with the power supply frequency are important. Some typical applications include turntables, electric clocks, industrial machinery, and certain types of electric fans.
  • Efficiency: Synchronous motors are known for their high efficiency, making them suitable for applications where constant speed and power factor correction are required.
  • Torque: Synchronous motors provide a relatively constant torque output, making them suitable for applications where a constant mechanical load needs to be driven at a specific speed.
  • Control: To change the speed of a synchronous motor, additional control mechanisms or electronic devices may be required, as it does not naturally vary in speed like induction motors.
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