Plastic Quartz Wall Clock with Sweep Movement Machine DIY Kit with Needles, Black


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  • Excellent quality movement, long life, reliable, abrasion resistance
  • Best Kit for DIY Electronic Projects
  • Make a clock on your own, quartz sweep movement with all spares included
  • Precision timekeeping powered by a quartz crystal oscillator
  • Smooth and continuous motion of the second hand for silent operation

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100 in stock

  • Quartz Movement:
    • The clock movement is likely powered by a quartz crystal oscillator, known for its accuracy and reliability in timekeeping. Quartz movements are popular for their precision and low maintenance.
  • Sweep Movement:
    • The term “sweep movement” refers to the continuous, smooth motion of the clock’s second hand. Unlike traditional ticking movements, which move the second hand in individual steps, a sweep movement provides a silent and seamless motion.
  • Needles:
    • Needles, or clock hands, are included in the kit. These are usually made of lightweight and durable materials. The hour and minute hands are typically longer and more substantial, while the second hand is often more delicate.
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