12v/24v dc to ac Converter Gang Box 3 in Built USB Ports. dc to ac Converter Inverter Solar with USB Lights


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  • 12V/24V 3 USB Gang Box
  • Use multiple applications
  • Powerful output is 40Watt
  • Built 3 USB ports
  • High power output and highly efficient
  • 12v/24v dc to ac Converter Gang Box 3 in Built USB Ports
  • Dc to ac Converter Inverter Solar for Home
  • Converter Inverter Solar for mini inverter
  • The unique bendable design also has lightweight Ultra-bright with

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100 in stock

The 12V/24V DC to AC Converter Gang Box with 3 Built-in USB Ports is an electronic device used to convert direct current (DC) power from a 12V or 24V source, such as a vehicle’s battery or a solar system, into alternating current (AC) power. It also includes three integrated USB ports for charging and powering USB-compatible devices. Here’s a description of this device:

  • Input Voltage: 12V or 24V DC, which can be sourced from a vehicle’s battery, solar panels, or other DC power supplies.
  • USB Ports: The gang box features three built-in USB ports, which are used for charging and powering USB-compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other electronics. These ports are often rated at 5V DC.
  • LED Indicators: It might have LED indicators to display the device’s operational status, including power on/off, fault alerts, and USB port activity.
  • Gang Box Design: The converter is typically enclosed in a durable and weather-resistant gang box, making it suitable for outdoor and automotive applications.
  • Applications: These converters are commonly used in recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, trucks, and off-grid solar systems to power AC appliances and charge electronic devices simultaneously.
  • Compatibility: It should be compatible with a wide range of AC-powered devices and electronic gadgets that use USB charging.
  • Flexible USB Light: Flexible Mini USB LED Stick Light Lamp is lightweight, compact, and makes it easy to carry and handle. It easily plugs into your computer or laptop or even a power bank USB port and provides ample light for reading books or typing.
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