12V 1A DC Power Adapter, Power Adaptor, Powers Supply (AC Input 100-240V Dc Output


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  • Suitable for electronic devices requiring a stable 12V power supply
  • Designed to work within a broad range of input voltages, making it versatile for use in different regions
  • Polarity and voltage match the requirements of devices it powers
  • Ideal for powering routers, modems, small appliances, and other devices with 12V input specifications
  • Provides a regulated and stable 12V output
  • Typically designed in a compact form factor for ease of use and portability

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100 in stock

A power adapter, also known as a power supply or AC/DC adapter, is a device that converts electrical power from an alternating current (AC) source to a direct current (DC) output. The description you provided, “AC Input 100-240V DC Output 12 Volt 1 Amp,” contains important specifications that define the adapter’s capabilities. Let’s break down the information:

  1. AC Input (Alternating Current Input): 100-240V
    • This specifies the range of voltages the power adapter can accept as input. In this case, it can work with alternating current in the range of 100 to 240 volts.
  2. DC Output (Direct Current Output): 12V 1A
    • This indicates the characteristics of the output power. The power adapter will convert the incoming AC power to a stable DC output. The output voltage is 12 volts, and it can provide a current of up to 1 ampere.
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