HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Module for Arduino Uno and All Type of Devlopment Boards and Robots


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  • High sensitivity ultrasonic range sensor
  • Works with All Adriano boards
  • Working Voltage – DC 5V, Working Current – 15mA
  • Max Range – 4m, Min Range – 2cm, Measuring Angle – 15 degree
  • Best for DIY Electronic Projects and Industrial Automation.
  • Ultrasonic sensors are frequently employed for non-contact distance measurement applications.
  • They can measure distances accurately over a wide range and are commonly used in parking assistance systems, level measurement in tanks, and industrial automation.

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100 in stock

  • Ultrasonic Sensor Module utilizes advanced ultrasonic technology, allowing you to effortlessly measure distances with exceptional accuracy.
  • Whether you’re building a robotics project, developing a home automation system, or designing an obstacle detection mechanism, this module is an invaluable tool.
  • Featuring a compact form factor and easy integration, our Ultrasonic Sensor Module offers hassle-free installation and seamless compatibility with various platforms.
  • It combines high-quality components with robust construction, ensuring durability and consistent performance even in challenging environments.
  • Proximity Sensing: Ultrasonic sensors can be used to detect the proximity of an object without physical contact.
  • They are commonly found in automatic doors, elevators, and sanitary systems to detect the presence of a person or an object and trigger appropriate actions.
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